Footaction: Comfortzone

National Campaign

The Project

The Objective:?Provide an innovative and disruptive brand campaign to drive brand affinity.

The insight: Cozy is the language of quarantine.?We have been providing the cozy essentials far longer than 2020 has been keeping us in our homes, hiding. This year we will highlight the new, the classic and the comfort of the cozy lifestyle without sacrificing on any fit.

The Crew

Art Director,?Photographer:?Aaron Ricketts

Creative Director: Nate Nichols

Producer:?Edem Kwakumey, Steffi Behringer

Associate Producer:?Kaela Francesca

Director of Photography:?Cooper?Naitove


Production Design:?Liz Barella

Art Assistant:?Sara?Vujasin, Olivia Jones

HMAU:?Marina Guidos, Mariel Marino

Covid Compliance:?Sicily Laforte

PA: Dariana Jiron, Cody Terrson

Gaffe:?Avery Bowling

Swing:?Khalid Riley

The Results

Coming soon

Art Direction

Stop motion


National Retail Takeover


Footaction Comfort Zone
Footaction Comfort Zone
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Footaction Comfort Zone Nike Tech Fleece 1
Footaction Comfort Zone Satin
Footaction Comfort Zone Satin 2
Footaction Comfort Zone Ugg
Footaction Comfort Zone Ugg 2