Foot Locker: Now and Next

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Foot Locker: Black History Month, Now and Next

Palette Group was tasked to creative direct and produce Foot?Locker's first Black History Month campaign. The campaign's creative was centered on eight black employees representing the larger?POC?community internally at Foot Locker. Team members that started on the retail floor and now run vertical's of business to members that tried over and over to get a job, never got it, but persevered and got the marketing job of his dreams. These dynamic humans are the people making history NOW, and inspiring the NEXT?up in the footwear and fashion industry.

"In the spirit of Black History Month, we’re highlighting the individuals behind Foot Locker continuously pushing the culture forward. Owning the present and paving the way for the next generation. We got NOW&NEXT"



DP: Cooper Naitove

Cam Ops: Avery Bowling, Reggie LJ

Sound: Mauricio Escamilla

Edit / Color / VFX: Nicolas Padron

Production assist: Sicily Anne

Photographer: Tom Kubik

Photo assist: Larry Pang

Creative Director // Director: Nate Nichols

Styling: Aleksandra Markovic, Mone

Design support: Frank ?Santos



The campaign is currently live: @Footlocker

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Foot locker campaign graphics
Foot locker campaign graphics